Bruce Arians disappointed for Tampa fans that pandemic prevents a parade

Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians says the inability to share their success with their fans is one of the Buccaneers’ few disappointments after winning Super Bowl LV.

Arians told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that he would love to give Tampa a victory parade after a great sports year that also saw the Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup and the Tampa Bay Rays reach the World Series.

“When the Lightning won the Cup, they didn’t get to play a game here,” Arians said. “They played it all in Canada. The Rays won the pennant, but they played the World Series in Texas. We were on the road the whole time, but the Super Bowl was here. You could feel it in the city for a while. The icing — well, not the icing on the cake, but the icing off the cake is we can’t have a parade. First Super Bowl team winners that can’t have a parade, because of the pandemic. It’s melancholy or whatever it is, but I want to get on a damn truck and ride through the city with the damn trophy, man. Watch the fans. This is their trophy.”

For sports fans in Tampa, it’s been both a great year and a disappointing year. Arians feels what they’re feeling.